Connect with Jacqueline

Jackie is a trilingual legal professional, fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, making her an invaluable asset to the diverse client base at Ironbridge Legal. Her dual qualification as a solicitor in both Australia and Hong Kong is a testament to her comprehensive understanding of international legal landscapes.

Her journey before joining Ironbridge Legal was marked by a robust tenure as a litigation solicitor in one of Hong Kong’s largest local firms. During this period, Jackie accumulated over three years of solid commercial litigation experience. She notably represented high-profile property developers and affluent individuals in intricate commercial disputes and insolvency cases, demonstrating her adeptness in high-stakes legal environments.

Jackie’s expertise is further enhanced by her proficiency in cutting-edge eDiscovery tools such as Nuix and Relativity, skills she developed while working as a quality assurance document reviewer in an international law firm. There, she was involved in extensive document review projects for major litigation cases.

At Ironbridge Legal, Jackie brings her rich experience in contentious legal matters and her technical acumen to the forefront. Her ability to navigate complex legal scenarios, coupled with her multilingual capabilities, positions her as a highly competent and versatile practitioner, well-equipped to handle the dynamic challenges of modern legal practice.

  • Member of the Law Society of New South Wales