Connect with Phoebe

Phoebe is an experienced and dedicated professional with a decade-long career, during which she has cultivated a rich expertise in administration, companywide operations, and client management across diverse corporate and small business landscapes.

Before joining Ironbridge Legal, Phoebe served as the ‘Head of Operations’ at a tech startup, guiding its financial operations from inception to Series A funding. She orchestrated the expansion of the team, managing investor communications, conducting face-to-face check-ins, and coordinating weekly WIP meetings, fostering a strategic environment that ensured robust collaboration and consistent success. Beyond major projects, Phoebe actively engaged in the finer details of administrative tasks, demonstrating precision in organising reports, employee files, and customer management, resulting in heightened accuracy and compliance and a notable boost in employee and customer satisfaction.

Her skill set extends beyond operational management, encompassing robust administrative capabilities, including legal reading, and writing—an expertise honed through her studies of Law and Justice at University. Phoebe excels in facilitating internal and external communications, collaborating with executives and investors to streamline financial and operational functions. Her organisational finesse and meticulous attention to detail have played a pivotal role in maintaining accurate records and ensuring effective information distribution.